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Since 2000 the CareLink Foundation has provided social services for low income children living in DuPage County.  Services such as free back to school clinics, certified car seat instructors providing classes on the proper installation and use of car seats along with free car seats upon completion of the class, medical interpretors for children visiting specialists and transportation to those visits if needed were all services we were fortunate to be able to provide.   


Over the years the needs have changed.   WIth the expansion of Medicaid children now have access to health care services eliminating the need for back to school clinics.  Area hospitals now provide interpreters and most managed care Medicaid plans provide transportation to these visits.   We always love to see children receiving more access to services although it has reduced the needs for our services!


Car seats were provided thru a grant from the State of Illinois and we worked in cooperation with the DuPage Health Department to provide car seat instructors, storage space for the seats and we worked with several area entities who generously donated space for the car seat classes.   Unfortunately the budget crisis in Illinois eliminated this grant and we were no longer able to provide this service.


As needs have changed we looked for new ways to serve.   We found a new opportunity to start an autism support group for Hispanic speaking families. Working with the West Chicago Park District, classes are held on a monthly basis. Parents get the chance to meet with others facing the same complex issues of autism while their children are provided access to recreation and child care.   


Knowing that many families come from very poor countries to make a better life for themselves and their families, CareLink also found a new focus and we have started expanding globally to provide a hand up to families living in impoverished areas.  We are currently assisting families in Honduras with microfinance loans to start small businesses.

We are grateful to our donors for faithfully providing the necessary funds that have been needed over the years and thank them for caring for those in need.


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